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By Ali Soufan

A compelling, definitive account of the way and why bin Laden’s ideology retains emerging from the dead.

In early 2011, the center of the Muslim international roiled in protest, ate up with the upheaval of the Arab Spring. The governments of Tunisia and Egypt had already fallen; these of Libya and Yemen could quickly stick with. looking at the chaos from his hideout in Pakistan, Osama bin encumbered observed a old chance: “the subsequent stage,” he declared, “will be the reinstating of the rule of thumb of the caliphate.”

Within weeks, bin weighted down used to be useless, shot at midnight by way of a U.S. army SEAL. Commentators all over the world started to prophesy al-Qaeda’s drawing close loss of life. yet six years later, the truth is the opposite. The group’s associates have swollen, and the Islamic State—al-Qaeda’s such a lot brutal derivative to date—proclaims itself the reborn caliphate bin encumbered foretold in his ultimate weeks.

In Anatomy of Terror, former FBI specific agent and New York Times best-selling writer Ali Soufan dissects bin Laden’s model of jihadi terrorism and its significant offshoots, revealing how those organisations have been shaped, how they function, their strengths, and—crucially—their weaknesses. This riveting account examines the hot Islamic radicalism during the eyes of its flag-bearers, together with a Jordanian former drug broker whose cruelties surprised even his fellow militants, an Air strength colonel who as soon as served Saddam Hussein, and a provincial bookworm who declared himself caliph of all Muslims. We meet Ayman al-Zawahiri, titular head of al-Qaeda; Saif al-Adel, an Egyptian ex-soldier who faked his personal loss of life to turn into the group’s safety leader; and bin Laden’s personal loved son Hamza, a main candidate to guide the association his overdue father founded.

To do away with the scourge of terrorism, we needs to first be aware of who the enemy truly is, and what his motivations are. Anatomy of Terror lays naked the psychology and internal workings of al-Qaeda, the Islamic kingdom, and their spawn, and exhibits how the unfold of terror should be stopped.

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